Pinus sylvestris
scotch or scotts pine
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<< I just acquired this pine 2003 and
did a little work on it. Just fertilized well
and removed the dead needles.
<< In the winter I did my major pruning on two large
branches on the left. I wired the tree and placed the
other branches. I then started working on my detail
wiring , wiring the small branches and wiring the tips
up. This made a big difference in this tree. I will
work on the crown more. It needs to be brought up
a bit and then rounded out. I may, just may pot it up
into a bonsai pot in the spring. I cut the lower left
branch long, not for jin purposes, but left long so
sap would not run onto the trunk. Next year it will be
cut off to the trunk and a piece of bark glued over
the scar to hide the cut.
<< To the left you can see what it looks
like front,sides,and back. You can see
how the apex makes a distracting bend
towards the front of the tree? But easy
enough to take care of. (I hope:-)
<< 2004 I removed the stubs on the
left side and glued a piece of bark over
the cuts. See if you can notice where
the branches were removed.
<< 2005