Juniperus chinensis
Robusta green
2001 This is one of those trees I got but never took
pictures of them at the time.
It was in pretty poor shape, root bound and declining
fast. I brought home ,root pruned and placed in a
pot.  I let it grow for a couple years before doing any
kind of work to it to let it gain strength and used to a
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<< I did some shari work to this tree in spring
2003 during a study group with a few friends. I
wish I would have taken some pictures of the
before. I brought it home and let it be for the
next growing season to see what would die and
what I had left to work with. I only lost one or
two branches.
<<Fall 2004: I decided to start work on
this tree. I thinned and wired all the
branches. In this photo I only got the
top done before it got dark on me. So
Tomorrow I will finish the lower
branches and work on refinement. I
normally wire from the bottom up on
most trees but some reason I worked
from the top down to see what I wanted
to do with the lower branches.
<<This is what I ended up with. The
crown and foliage need some work yet
but that will come with time. It has
maybe to much of a horizontal look in
the pads but this will change after it fills