Juniperus chinensis
Robusta green
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<<fall 2001 Found this in a nursery
shoved back in a corner that no one
wanted I guess. The owner said it has
been there for awhile and that I could
have it for $10.00. So you know what
<<Fall 2002 Worked on it a little  
placed it a bonsai pot and lost a
branch on the left.
<< Spring 2003 rewired and picked a
new front and rounded the crown. This
tree is going to be a challenge.
<<Fall 2004 its starting to fill out nicely,
now I'll just style it and place it into the
pot at the correct angle. I plan on
doing some heavy shari work to this
tree to get some movement into the
<<2006 OK I got tired of looking at this
tree so I did some work on it hoping to
improve somehow. This is what I ended
up with thus far.