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Juniperus Chinensis
Kishu Shimpaku
<<2001 This is one of Mas Ishi's
grafted shimpaku's. Its a Kishu
shimpaku grafted to San Jose Juniper.
I used it to take cuttings.
<< 2002 spring Pruned for cuttings
and placed in a bonsai pot
<< 2002 summer Just let grow with
regular pinching.
<< 2003 spring Decided to lower the
first branch on the left and try to
thicken it up more.
<< 2003 late fall: It has thicken up fairly
well. Next I need to work on the roots to
get it into a shallower pot.
<< 2004:  I pruned some cuttings from
this tree and repotted into a shallower
pot. The left side needs to grow a bit
but I am sure in the next couple years
it will grow just fine.