Juniperus Chinensis
Gold Coast  ('Aurea')
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<< late spring 2003:  Here I have one
of the five Juniperus horizontalis that I
dug up from a neighbors yard after I
saw him cutting them down. I caught
him just before he had taken all the
foliage off. (Thank God !!) I placed this
one in a grow box and put the rest in
the ground for future use. Now what do
I want to do with this one???
<<< Here is the intended back and
right side if things go right?? The
problem is: Can you see that branch
going to the only foliage on this tree? It
is too straight. I will have to remedy this.
<<Here are my plans. I will use this one
branch and the rest will go. I will carve
out behind the big dead branch to the
lower right to receive the branch I
intend on bending. Next step I will split
the trunk and discard the lower part all
the way out, foliage and all.
<< late Fall 2004:  I have removed  all
the rest of the foliage. This is
somewhat the front I intend on using.
Now in the spring I will go in and split
the trunk and start the transformation.
I hope things go well!!
I will update this page after the work is
<<<Spring 2005  I started splitting the trunk to
get the foliage over top of the main trunk.
I used a coping saw so I can get better control of
the split. I could of used a saws all but I feel safer
using a coping saw. I place a wedge in while I saw
so the saw will not bind
<<<  In this picture you can see where I
will saw the green is live and the white is
<<< This is a picture after I pulled the
branch over into the new position and
wrapped it heavily with raffia. Next I will
wire to pull the branch back to the left
at almost 90degrees to get the foliage
back over top of the trunk
<<<This is the bend.
<<<This is it after the work was done. I
will let the tree rest until next year and
then it will be styled and re potted
<<This is a virtual of what I am
attempting to do with this tree.