Juniper Procumbens
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<<2003 fall
<<<  I removed the very bottom branch
because I knew that it will not be in the
<<  2005 This is the tree as of January
2005. I decided to do some shari work
to this tree to try and get something
out of it.
<<  This is what the bark looked like
before I started removing it.
<< <<  I went out today to work on this juniper to locate the live
and dead parts of the tree. I slowly started removing the bark
until I was seeing red then I took my time as to not cut into it too
much. I removed the bark around the trunk working my way
around and to the top. I uncovered the red under the bark and
in places I uncovered brown with wood grains in it.
Just under the bark in the live areas was the red. Right below
and I mean right below was the white wood.
As I uncovered the dead wood I then followed it up the trunk
locating the edges where the live wood was. After a tedious few
hours I was able to see the live vein running up the trunk as well
as the dead. This must be done first before deciding on what will
be the best front.
^^^ ^^^   ^^^    ^^   
Red colored live wood
<<  This is the tree after the bark was
removed almost all the way to the top.
Notice how you can see the live (red)
and dead (brown)??
<<  I took a marker and outlined the
dead wood after more polishing.
<<  I then took some white chalk and
colored out the dead area so I can
study the tree easier.

<<  I went out and started on the Shari I marked out with white
chalk. I took a sharp razor knife and cut through the bark into
the cambium following the outline I marked out.
I then took my chisel and pulled up the bark in one of the
corners and carefully pulled the bark off.
<<  After a couple hours of work, this is
what I ended up with.
<<  The live vein, after looking it over was a bit to wide for
me so I went back out and did a little more work to it to
make the live vein a bit narrower. I like it with more shari
and less live wood. I will now just let the tree rest and work
on it a little at a time. I want to dead wood some more at the
top to tie in all the jins with the shari and work the foliage.
<< This is the top after some jin ;-)