Betula Platyphylla Japonica
Japanese white birch
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<< I got these birch at a fantastic price
and thought I would try a Yose-ue
(forrest). So after a couple years of
growing the seedlings I placed them in
a grow box. That is in 2002
<< This was in late spring 2003.  In the
next potting I will place them a lot
closer together. More or restyle.
<<This spring 2004 I decided to go
ahead and put this group in a proper
pot. I only used 7 out of the nine trees
originally put together. I placed the
other two back into nursery pots to
grow on. I may use them in this group
in the future. The height of the tallest
tree is 25 inches.
<<Here is the group in August 2004.
Still I am hoping it will get better as time
<< 2005