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Satsuki Azalea - Rhododendron >>>
indicum (kaho)                                
<<Mountain junipers
<<<Trident Maple (Acer
Juniperus Chinensis "aurea">>>
gold coast
Juniperus Blaauw
Blauuii juniper
Juniperus Chinensis "aurea">>>
gold coast #2 dug March 2003
<<2006 here are two juniperus  virginiana
that I have collected from an old farm
house that was to be torn down to make
room for a new drug store. I just happen
to get there just in time.
<<2005 Mikawa Japanese black pine
<< 2006 another  mikawa
<<<Juniperus pfitzeriana  11/2006
Got these along side of the road.
Unbelievable what people through out ;-)
<<<some close ups
Check back often to see their progress