Juniperus Chinensis Blaauw
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2001: Winter
< <  2002: Spring did some pruning
and wiring, thinned out a bit. Worked
on the shari. Repotted in different pot.
Top is to heavy and needs    >>
pruned and rounded some more.
< <  2003: spring continued pinching
and working on the crown.
<< 2003 Fall: Don't like this pot. In the
picture below is the pot I purchased for
this tree. I think it fits this tree. For
once I purchased a pot and it fits the
tree. Bought a lot of pots for trees and
got them and guess what??Right
< <  Virtual re pot: Tokoname, This is
the pot that I purchased for this tree.
It is browner in color, must of been
the camera.
<<2004 This is it in a new Tokoname
pot. Now I just need to do regular
pinching to keep in shape.