Acer buergerianum
Trident maple
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<<Fall 2003 This trident is ready for
branch selection.  I pruned away all the
unwanted branches leaving only the
ones I want to work with.
<<Winter 2003 With some suggestions
from others I decided to turn this tree
to the left a bit for the front. This will be
the new front.
<<Spring 2004: I picked the branches I
plan on using and wired them into
place. This is not the angle I am going
to use though.
<<Fall 2004: Its starting to take
shape.In the spring I will repot at the
right angle and start working on the
<< summer 2005  Ok I Procrastinated
and didn't re pot and turn the tree
this spring. This is where this tree is
at as of now.
I am starting to like it this way.
<<Fall 2005
<<2006 I have potted it into a large pot
to give enough room for this terrible
nebari and maybe graft some roots on
the right side.