Juniperus Chinensis
"aurea"gold coast
<< 2003 Dug this one up from my
neighbors yard  and placed in a pot
<<2006 Its been three years now and this tree is
ready for some serious work. I decided to do some
shari work. I cleaned the bark and located the live
veins and started stripping the bark off. About 4
hours later I was done.
<<The next day I started carving and creating the
jins. I can't do what mother nature can for sure. But
over the years to come it will look alright.
<< will work on the top next year. I will let it rest and
gain strength for the work that needs done to the top.
In the mean time I have to decide on the front. I plan
on styling the tree from both sides. The one side has
some nice dead wood at the bottom of the trunk but
the nebari is terrible. The other side is not bad but
the nebari is better.
<<Ok here it is 2010 and decided to
give this tree a first styling. I had to do
some heavy bending to get the top
down closer to the trunk. This is the
tree after 3+ years rest.
<< This is what I ended up with after a
couple hours of work. Thinned out
quite a bit and wired. Now just place
the branches into pads and move on
to the next one  ;-)
<< started thinning and wiring the top
2011 Columbus Bonsai Society show.