false cypress
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<< 2001: I purchased this blue moss
cypress at an auction that our club had. It
was not in the best of health. The soil
looked like plain old garden soil, a lot of
clay. It was late in the summer so I will wait
until spring to re pot. The exposed roots
were also a problem I had to take care of. I
will scallop out places around the trunk in
designated areas and apply root hormone.
I will then pot it lower in the same training
pot and pack spagnum moss around the
scalloped area. Then place a little soil on
top of the moss to hold it in place. This will
not only hold down the moss but also help
keep it moist for root development.
(lets hope anyway)
<< 2002: I removed most of the bad
soil and worked on the root problem.
It was then potted lower as
mentioned above. Now I will let it grow
freely for another year or so
checking the rooting progress now
and then. (Lets keep our fingers
<< 2003:  It seems to be rooting
well so I did some initial styling and
in the spring of 2004 I will get it into
a bonsai pot.
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<<2004 spring This is what it
looked like today when I remove it
from the pot. You can see that
there were tons of small feeder
roots. Keeping my fingers crossed
must of worked. I combed out the
lower roots and pruned them up to
almost to the ground layer area. I
then carefully combed out the top
roots. I turned the tree upside
down and cut off all the big ugly
roots that were below the layer and
applied more hormones and potted
into its new home.
<< 2004 And this is what I ended
up with.  Now just some more
pinching and thinning and it is
ready for show
<< 2005 Here it is in it's first
bonsai show in Columbus Ohio
<< 2006