Juniperus Blaauw
Blauuii juniper
<<<Fall 2004
Another Juniperus Blaauw that I am
starting to work on.
<<< March 27 2005
After a couple hours of wiring to open
this tree up a bit. It still needs a lot
more wiring yet. More detail wiring to
come. I have to work on the roots more
to get it so it can be potted lower.
A lot of material is rushed to get it into a bonsai pot so you end up with a tree that
is setting far to high in the pot.. So at times, in this situation the larger roots
coming from the top into the soil will stay alive and the fine feeder roots will dry up
and die. Then what you have is a lot of dead roots at the top.

So my plan was to pot it up in a larger deeper pot and work with all the larger
roots at the top that are alive and to get them to form more fine feeder roots
towards the top. I cleaned out all the dead roots and old soil. I then positioned the
larger surface roots and pruned them back to the first ramified root. I then had to
place it lower in the pot to get more roots forming towards the top.

A couple years from now when I re pot the roots at the bottom will be pruned
heavily up to the newly formed roots at the top thus allowing it to be potted back
into a shallow pot. I really don’t like to prune much more then one third of the
roots on junipers and pines. It just seems that they do better and respond a lot

So at times you may have to step back a couple steps in order to get things right.
It is my advise to make sure that you do the things right the first time so you don’t
lose a couple growing seasons or worse yet lose a tree. Been there done it.

I don't know if this is normal but it has worked for me in the past.
<< 2006