Welcome to my bonsai page. I hope you enjoy
some of the trees that I have been working on.
Bonsai (bone-sigh) is the age old art of growing and training plants in containers. In fact
the literal translation from japanese is 'a plant in a tray' does not mean tree alone?. But
here we are talking trees.  Although they are only a few inchs to a few feet tall, they
convey the feeling of full size trees growing in their natural environment. The aim of
bonsai is to capture the beauty and strength of an ancient tree. The art of bonsai is to
bring together the tree and pot in visual harmony. The art has been practiced for more
than 1,000 years, originating in China and spreading throughout the Orient. Early
Japanese aristocrats showed great interest in Bonsai and contributed greatly in the
development of the art. Bonsai culture first became popular in the U.S. among Japanese-
Americans living on the West Coast. Then in 1976 Japan presented The United States
with 35 Masterpiece Bonsai which are now on display in Washington D.C. at the National
Arboretum, the art of Bonsai is now practiced throughout the U.S. and in many other
nations around the World. The art of bonsai involves carefully selecting a tree and giving
it constant and proper care until it matures into a visually pleasing living sculpture. The
plant must receive adequate sunlight, water, fertilizer, and a suitable soil mix to achive
healthy and controlled growth. Careful repotting, wiring, pruning, trimming, and other
techniques, all go together to simulate age, and to train the Bonsai into a desired style for your new house.
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